Yorkie Facts


The typical fine, straight, and silky Yorkshire Terrier coat has also been listed by many popular dog information websites as being hypoallergenic. In comparison with many other breeds, Yorkies do not shed to the same degree, only losing small amounts when bathed or brushed. The Yorkshire Terrier is a tan dog with a blue saddle. Some Yorkshire Terriers are solid golden, others are liver or chocolate, a brown color. The parti color coat is white with black/blue and tan. The white is caused by the recessive Piebald-gene. It is very rare to get a parti color.  The colors on a yorkie puppy will continuously change during the first year.


The ideal Yorkshire Terrier character or "personality" is described with a "carriage very upright" and "conveying an important air." Though small, the Yorkshire Terrier is active, very overprotective, curious, and fond of attention. Yorkshire Terriers do tend to bark a lot. This makes them excellent watchdogs as they will sound the alarm when anyone gets close. However, this barking problem can be resolved with proper training and exercise.

Socializing Your New Pup

The most important element for having a happy and friendly dog is socialization. This is the key factor that will help you achieve great results in teaching your dog, as well as shaping its personality. While the dog is growing, it should be introduced to all the noises that it could hear in the house, which includes everything the noise from the TV, from the washing machine, the doorbell and all other sharp and interesting noises that you can hear in your house.

It is vital that the dog gets accustomed to the human voice of his owner, of the other members of the family, of friends and other people. Human touch is also quite important for the dog. There is a big difference between puppies that are raised in a dog cage and puppies raised with lots of love and cuddling during their first three months. When a dog is bathed, held, groomed and receives lots of love from the moment it is born, you will finally have a dog that is comfortable with people and enjoys the world that is around it. A self-confident dog is a dog that is loved.