Welcome to our Kennel, I am Connie Jordan and my husband Lynn and we have the pleasure of calling this our family of yorkies.  We have retired and now get to spend our days with the things that we love the most, our family and our pets.  Our yorkies are not just a group of dogs. They are a part of our family, we spend countless hours with our yorkies and other farm animals. They all make up our family; the yorkies, the mini horses, mini zebu cows, goats, and chickens.

One of the first (and still our favorite) comments from a family purchasing one of our pups, was; "I don't know what all you are doing with these pups, but keep it up. Because these are some sweet and amazing pups." This means so much to us that our love for our pups is showing in the personalities they are developing, even at such a young age. You can try every day, but you will never out love a Yorkie, all they want to do is love you  -  more every day.